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Print Services



INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMERS: We can design just about any printed piece you may need for both personal and business use. We have worked closely with print shops since 1996, and can make the process smooth and convenient. We know how they want their print-ready files prepared and have industry-standard software that is compatible with printers. We can also take a file you have prepared yourself, and make it compatible for printers to use. If you need a file created for copies or to print on your own computer ... we can design it for you.

PRINT SHOPS/COPY CENTERS/ADVERTISING AGENCIES: Print shops have been outsourcing to us for 15 years, saving them from needing to have the staff, and costly equipment and software inhouse. Some prefer to work directly with the customer and send the gathered information and elements to us for the design work and prepress files. Others prefer to be out of the loop completely and send the customer directly to us. Many of our print shop customers even have their own fully-functional inhouse department, but choose to send files to us when they have a heavy workflow, staff on vacation, or receive certain types of jobs that are not their specialty. Whatever your desire ... we can work with you. Your files remain safely protected and are not accessed for anything other than your use. Any job we create for your customers will not be displayed in our portfolio without your permission.

Print Services

Web Design

We can design, update, maintain and host both custom or template-based sites. We can also assist you with domain name purchases.

Whether you need a custom design, or would like to customize or implement a template, we can create a functional yet eye-catching website or blog for you.


Prefer shopping for your own templates?

Download 1000's of web templates. Unlimited access!

DreamTemplate - Web Templates


Print Services

Why Email Marketing?


It's Affordable –
a great return for a minimal investment

It's Effective –
turn your customers into loyal customers

It's Immediate –
generate an instant response

It's Measurable –
see who is opening your emails and what links they click on

Email Marketing

Gecko Graphics can help you build your business with email marketing.

Now, you can bring the full power of email marketing to your business. That's because Gecko Graphics has partnered with Constant Contact®, the leading email marketing tool for small businesses. Through our partnership, we can help you get up and running with a cost-effective email marketing program in no time at all.

Here's how we can put email marketing to work for you:

  • Create a customized email marketing plan that will drive big-time business results

  • Design professional-looking emails – like email newsletters and promotions – that build loyalty and drive action

  • Write compelling copy that grabs and holds your audience's attention

  • Help you build, update, and segment your list of email addresses for maximum results.

Email marketing is the perfect fit for small businesses. It drives repeat business, referrals, and bottom-line revenue. Let us bring the power of email marketing to your business today!

We can also provide Event Marketing, Online Surveys and help with your Social Media projects.

We Specialize in ...

MEDICAL FACILITIES: Superbills | Invoices | Business Cards| Patient Forms| Brochures | Letterhead | Appointment Cards | Envelopes | Prescription Pads | Xray Cards | Flyers | Signage | Occupational Forms | Labels | Postcards | Physician's Orders | Protocols | Statements | Charge Slips | Ads | Evaluation Shets | Logos | Treatment Records | Referrals | Flow Sheets | Admission Orders | Consent Forms | Patient Rights | Emergency Exit Maps | Estimates | Personnel Forms | History Forms | Financial Agreements | Progress Notes

REAL ESTATE: Property Flyers | Ads | Brochures | Postcards | Business Cards | Envelopes | Letterhead | Open House & Special Event Flyers | Special Thank You Items for After the Sale | Online Surveys | Email Flyers | Photography | Presentation Folders

COUNTRY CLUBS/HOAS: Newsletters | Rosters | Brochures | Postcards | Business Cards | Envelopes | Letterhead | Calendars | Golf & Tennis Score Sheets | Special Event Flyers | Personnel Forms & Time Cards | Clubhouse Menus | Vehicle Stickers | Guest Checks | Infraction Notices | Spa Services | Statements | Email Annoucements

HOTELS: Dry Cleaning Slips | Room & Service and Restaurant Menus | Mini Bar Charge Slips | Valet Claim Tags | Labels | Stickers | Personnel Forms | Statements | Tent Cards

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